A Solid Foundation


Alhamdulilah we have had an amazing start to the year in our Pre Primary class.

In the first few weeks, the Education Assistants and I (the teacher) in Pre Primary have put great effort into getting to know each and every student as well as developing positive relationships to ensure everyone feels safe and has a sense of belonging in their new learning environment. InshaAllah we have achieved this and will continue to work on this throughout the year.

The classroom is buzzing with the sounds of young minds being inquisitive, curious and creative.

In our classroom, we promote a growth mindset and celebrate the efforts, learning and achievements of all students.

We have begun implementing the Walker Learning Approach in full force with our tuning in sessions, Learning Through Investigation (LTI) time and reflecting on learning which is linked to the Learning Intentions (informed by the Australian Curriculum). An incredible opportunity for students to have autonomy over their learning with the support and guidance of their teachers.

The classroom is buzzing with the sounds of young minds being inquisitive, curious and creative. Many of the students have developed an interest in constructing buildings, tracks, ships (Titanic to be specific) by using the blocks in our Construction Corner. Students are expanding on their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to develop ideas about how to support their structures so they can make taller buildings. (Please refer to pictures of students engaging in all Investigation Centres in our classroom)

We consider our indoor and outdoor areas as places for continual learning. During our Outdoor Integrated Learning sessions, students are encouraged to wonder about the world around them.

On one of our expeditions, students were assigned the task to make observations about the natural and manmade environment that surrounds them and report on their findings.

Some of the students found a stink bug in one of the trees, this finding lead to an investigation about the habitat of the bug, its physical description, why its outer features resemble the tree they found it on, how the bug can walk on the tree without falling off… the inquisitions were endless – students scaffolded ideas and with the guidance of their teachers found answers to all their burning questions. (Please refer to pictures of our outdoor learning experiences.)

InshaAllah we are in the early stages of paving solid steppingstones for developing strong learners for the future.

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