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Books and Resources Levy

We are now approaching the end of the school year and we have begun planning for the start of school in 2019. One of the important items that we organise is the Book List for the coming year. You normally would receive the Book List for the following year and then decide whether to purchase them online or go down to the OfficeMax store and buy the books yourself. We would like to bring in a change this year.

I would like you to see the Book List costs over the past 5 years. The table below summaries the costs.

YearPre-PrimaryYr 1Yr 2Yr 3Yr 4Yr 5Yr 6

This year we fully implemented Learning through Investigation in the Early Years and so we introduced the Resources Levy for Pre-Primary to Year 3 students. Below is the Book List cost after the introduction of the levy.
YearPre-PrimaryYr 1Yr 2Yr 3Yr 4Yr 5Yr 6
Plus levy50.0050.0050.0050.00---

For next year, we will have a Books and Resources Levy that will be $200 per child for ALL CLASSES from Pre-Primary to Year 6. In addition, parents will pay a levy to cover the cost of the Islamic Studies and Arabic textbooks. See the table below.
ClassIslamic Studies BooksArabic BooksTotal
Year 125.0040.00 (used in Yr 1&2)65.00
Year 225.0025.00
Year 325.0040.00 (used in Yr 1&2)65.00
Year 425.0025.00
Year 525.0040.00 (used in Yr 1&2)65.00
Year 625.0025.00

Some of the reasoning behind this change follows:

  1. Learning through Investigation involves learning centres. These need to be adequately resourced to support your child’s curiosity and engagement in their learning. They form a platform for understanding the concepts and skills being explicitly taught in Literacy & Numeracy. For example, the Pre-Primary classroom has 15 learning centres, which are renewed twice each term.
  2. Student engagement is a focal point in the Walker Learning Approach. Learning centres support student engagement. As your child grasps the concepts being taught through the explicit teaching, their interest is maintained by the regular change of the resources in the learning centres.
  3. The Walker Learning Approach recognises that not every student learns at the same pace. It supports our teachers to personalise each student’s learning. Each student therefore is provided with resources that support and extend their learning.
  4. Under the previous Booklist system, some students arrived at the beginning of the school year without their books and resources. Sometimes this situation has gone on for weeks! This has greatly affected the student’s learning process and caused significant problems for our teachers.

Some of the benefits of the Books and Resources Levy

  • You are not required to go shopping or go online to purchase the books and resources for your child(ren).
  • Your child(ren) will have all the resources they require ready and waiting for them when they return to school on the 30/01/2019.
  • There will be no delays in the teaching and learning due to students not having their books and resources.
  • The cost is almost the same, if not less, than what you would have paid for the book list.

Iqra books and the Quran/Iqra bag will still need to be purchased from the School Reception for students as required.

Parents are required to pay both levies before Friday the 14/12/2018 so that the school can ensure all resources are ready for your child when they return to school in 2019.

We appreciate your understanding and InshaAllah we will work together to ensure that your child(ren) receive the very best teaching and learning program in 2019.