Welcome to Al-Hidayah Islamic School – 2019


The staff and I want to welcome you and the children back to our 2019 school year. The focus for this year is three things. 1) Practising Islamic Akhlaq (good manners) throughout the day. 2) Engaging the children in all their learning. 3) Personalising the children’s learning.

Over the school holidays, AV Media Systems installed eBoards in all the classrooms. Eric delivered wonderful professional learning to all the teachers and education assistants (EAs) so that the eBoards will strongly support engaged learning with the children.

All classrooms have been freshly painted and the floor covering renewed, which we hope supports making the learning environment a much better place for the children and the staff.

A Beautiful Nature Play area has been constructed in the quadrangle by Sunnyside Landscapes and Gardens. Brother Suleyman Foster has worked throughout the summer heat to get it finished and he has. This quadrangle now will strongly support the great work being done in the Early Years’ Programme.

We’ve all been working really hard preparing for the start of the school year. We look forward to all the children having a fruitful and successful year, where we see them practising Islamic Akhlaq (good manners) throughout their school day and engaging wholeheartedly in all their learning InshaAllah.

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