Empowering Education: Al-Hidayah’s Walker Learning Accreditation Journey


At Al-Hidayah Islamic School, we believe in nurturing a love for learning in our students, and our dedicated teachers play a crucial role in achieving this goal. The Early Life Foundations – Walker Learning approach has equipped our teachers with innovative and research-backed strategies that foster curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking in the classroom. By embracing this approach, our educators work towards unlocking the true potential of our students, encouraging them to be active participants in their learning journey.

Alhamdulillah, we acknowledge our teachers’ hard work, dedication, and continuous pursuit of professional growth. They are not only teaching curriculum content but also shaping the next generation of lifelong learners and leaders of our Ummah.

As part of our journey towards implementing the Walker Learning approach across the school, our teachers undertake specialised training and professional development, which leads to becoming accredited Walker Learning teachers. Alhamdulillah, Sr Joanna, Sr Supreeya and Sr Hawa received their Walker Learning accreditation in November last year. Accredited teachers have demonstrated the ability to plan using Walker Learning documentation, use the environment learning spaces in early childhood and/or 3-6 and demonstrate all the key elements listed in the accreditation criteria. Accreditation is dependent upon set criteria being met and assessed by our Walker Learning consultant.

Congratulations to Sr Joanna, Sr Supreeya and Sr Hawa on receiving their well-earned accreditations, Barakallahu feek!


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