Student Wellbeing Boost: Excursions & Education


Alhamdulillah, we’re grateful to start 2024 on a positive note, with our School receiving a one-off funding from the Australian Government’s National Student Wellbeing Boost Initiative. Schools are encouraged to use this funding in various ways such as purchasing wellbeing resources and offering activities to enhance student wellbeing, which include a variety of incursions, excursions, sports and social activities ⚽️ 🏹🏸.

This term, some of our classes have enjoyed a range of excursions focused on promoting wellbeing. Our Year 2 and Year 4 students discussed the importance of regular physical activity for their wellbeing and had a great time jumping at Bounce Inc in Cannington 🚌.

Our Year 3 students learned about road safety and cycling at the Constable Care Foundation 🚔. They learned how to properly wear a bike helmet, check bike parts, and be responsible cyclists on the road 🚲.

Our PP – Year 6 classes also participated in an impactful Bully Zero incursion program to help them understand the effect of bullying and how to foster an environment where others feel safe, valued and respected 🚫.

Wellbeing also includes healthy eating! 🍽️ We ended Term 1 with a School Breakfast centred on the theme of Suhoor for Ramadan. Students explored healthy pre-dawn meal options from different cultures, expanding their cultural knowledge and taste buds. 🍛🍳🍉The School Breakfast was a fun way for students to learn about the importance of Suhoor before fasting, as emphasized by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW – peace and blessings be upon him) 🌙⭐️

Keep a lookout next term for an update on other wellbeing activities we have planned for our students, Insha’Allah!

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