Walker Learning


Al-Hidayah Islamic School is implementing a whole school approach to personalised and individualised learning from Pre-Primary to Year 6.

On the first day back at school for Term 3, all Al-Hidayah staff had a Professional Learning session on “Walker Learning”, an evidence based personalised pedagogy that is developmentally and culturally appropriate for children. Walker Learning places an emphasis upon relationships between teacher, child and family. It views the child holistically and values emotional and social life as important as the academic.

Jan Snowden from Early Life Foundations discussed the key elements of Walker Learning: tuning in, reflection, the learning environment, focus children and the reporter and photographer roles.

“Early Life Foundations” provide expertise and support to parents, educators and organisations to create optimal parenting, learning and educational environments for children. The organisation prides itself on their knowledge base and expertise, and on maintaining an independent voice on the national and international stage for children’s development, teaching and learning, research and parenting.


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