Br. Ridhwan Wins MLTAWA Principal’s Award 2020


On Saturday, 28 November 2020, Br Ridhwan attended the 90th birthday celebration of the Modern Language Teachers’ Association of WA (MLTAWA) ( It included the presentation of the 2020 Principal’s Award for commitment to actively support the modern language program in their school. He was a finalist along with two other principals.

To his surprise, Alhamdulillah, The MLTAWA Principal’s Award 2020 was awarded to Brother Ridhwan Mayze. Br Ridhwan said “I feel very honoured and humbled to receive this award. I am grateful to our Arabic teachers who nominated me because they appreciate the positive changes that have been implemented in our Arabic curriculum. I also thank Kate Reitzenstein, who is the AISWA Teaching & Learning Consultant – Languages, for the ongoing support she offers our four Arabic teachers.” (”

Al-Hidayah Islamic School also received $400 prize money to be used for Arabic teaching resources! This is a wonderful gift for students. Inshallah, this award will have a ripple effect in our education community and encourage others to engage in cutting edge modern languages’ education.”

Br Ridhwan also stated: “I would like to use this amazing acknowledgement to thank our educators, our students, our Governing Shurah and our parents who have all worked hard in their own ways to show the wider community that our school offers excellent education and is now being recognised by such a long-standing organisation as the MLTAWA for its achievements. In my opinion, it shows that we are blessed by Allah and encouraged to keep moving from strength to strength.”

This is the first time a principal in the Independent sector has won this award. It is also the first time that the teaching of the Arabic language has been acknowledged. It shows Al-Hidayah offers top-quality education. May Allah continue to bless our school.

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