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Government Curriculum

Higher Standards – The Islamic Alternative

Al-Hidayah Islamic School is an eminently viable alternative to government schools, and non-government schools run by the followers of religions other than Islam.

The Government Curriculum is taught to the highest standards according to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority guidelines. Al-Hidayah has been actively participating in the Government curriculum development process (Curriculum Framework and Outcomes Based Education) since its inception, and is constantly looking for ways to improve the academic performance of the School on a student by student basis.

Sharp Guided Reading explicitly teaches students the skills of reading fluently and with deepening and accurate comprehension of the text.

Inquiry based Learning (The Walker Learning Approach) is embedded within explicit teaching and learning of Literacy and Numeracy.

The school day that is imbued with the Islamic ethos, fully supporting a safe and caring Islamic environment.

Islamic Studies 

Personalised Quranic Studies learning in the Early Years; A focussed Islamic Studies program and engaging Arabic language learning.

Islamic Studies are conducted according to a structured curriculum that has been developed since the schools inception using sources that have been in development since the early 1980’s using English as the medium for instruction to ensure that the school is suitable for any child in the Muslim community.

The normal school day has been extended to accommodate the extensive Islamic Studies program. 20% of the extended school day is devoted to Islamic Studies.

Al-Hidayah Islamic School’s commitment to Islamic studies in terms of time and resources is on average twice that of other Muslim schools.

The Al-Hidayah Islamic School firmly believes that by educating our children in a balanced way in both government curriculum and Islamic studies they will grow up to be good Muslims who will thereby automatically become good citizens and part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stated that “No father can give his child anything better than good manners”.

The Islamic Studies subjects include: Islamic Akhlaq (Manners), Tawheed, Aqeedah, Fiqh (Essentials and Practices), Qur’an reading / recitation and Hifz (memorization), Islamic History, and basic Arabic.

Islamic studies are also integrated with other subjects such as Science and Mathematics. Everything we teach in the classroom can be linked to Islam.

Primary Students enrolled at Al-Hidayah Islamic School do not need extra lessons in religion at an after school or weekend ‘Madrasah’; the School provides quality Islamic education which sufficiently covers the requirements for their age group during the normal school day.