Community Engagement Program


The school is organizing a monthly donation drive as part of its community engagement program. The school is working closely with Community Food Hamper Project WA (in conjunction with Muslim Aid Australia) with the aim of serving the local community. The school hopes to instil and inculcate good Islamic values among our students through this program.

It was narrated from Buraidah Al-Aslami that the Prophet (ﷺ) said:

“Whoever gives respite to one in difficulty, he will have (the reward of) an act of charity for each day. Whoever gives him respite after payment becomes due, will have (the reward of) an act of charity equal to (the amount of the loan) for each day.”

The school is taking donations of non-perishable food items (see image below).

The food items collected will be packed up by volunteers into food hamper boxes and distributed to agencies such as The Muslim Women’s Support Centre. These hampers will give assistance to people in our local community who are struggling to provide food for their families.

Kindly check the expiry date of the donated items. Please also ensure that the size of the donated items does not exceed the maximum size mentioned.

Collection Dates:

  • Pre-Primary – Year 2 will be collecting from 13th May – 17th May.
  • Year 3 – Year 5/6 will be collecting from 20th May – 24th May.



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