The Mad Food Science Program


Al-Hidayah Islamic School is having a FREE Parent Seminar, conducted by The Root Cause ( You will learn about your child’s participation in The Mad Food Science Program™, as well as gain insights into how children’s lunchbox food has become Mad Food Science.

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You will learn what’s hiding in common lunchbox snacks, and how these foods are impacting your child’s concentration, learning, and behaviour in school.

The session will also cover simple ways you can make healthy changes to your child’s lunchbox, and some tactics to help make smooth transitions to more whole food in your family’s diet.


At this seminar, there will be something for everyone, with no judgement, regardless of where you are on your health journey.
What will be covered:

– The key messages from The Mad Food Science™ Program
– Why healthy lunchbox food is so important
– About additives and preservatives
– How to understand food labels
– What to do if you’re short on time
– How to deal with fussy eaters
– How to overcome lunchbox stress
– What to pack in a healthy lunchbox
– How to ensure your kids LOVE their lunch

VENUE: Al-Hidayah Islamic School

DATE: Wednesday, 23rd October 2019

TIME: 2:30 – 3:30pm

Please confirm your attendance with Al-Hidayah Islamic School Reception (93518593) by Friday, 18th October 2019

Student Workshop Overview

The Mad Food Science Program is a fun, interactive educational incursion, that uses quirky experiments to get children to understand key health messages. The Root Cause have recently completed a 2-year trip around Australia, presenting this workshop to over 100 schools and over 25,000 children and parents, with great success and feedback.

The main objectives of the program are to teach students:

  • to take responsibility for what they put in their mouth
  • to taste food with their tongue, not with their eyes
  • why their body needs a rainbow of fruit and vegetables
  • how to read food packets, and why real food is so much better
  • how food can affect their mood, concentration and behaviour
  • how to start positive conversations about healthy food at home
  • to make better choices together with parents – at home, and in lunchboxes

The Program features thought-provoking conversations, engaging experiments, and a taste-test for every student. Students regularly change their behaviour around food immediately after attending the program.

Concepts covered include the following:

  • Understand your body, why it is different from everyone else’s and responds differently to different foods
  • Learn how food can affect mood and concentration
  • Explore the differences between real food and processed food, and why our bodies need more real food
  • What do packet labels actually mean, and how to read them
  • Why it’s important to talk about food with parents


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