Storyathon 100-word Challenge


In the lead up to Book Week 2019, the year 5-6 Girls students were challenged to write a story that is EXACTLY 100 words. This challenge was called “Storyathon“.

Read some of the winning stories below, which are on display as a part of Book Week.


by Amani H.

It was midnight. I was too comfortable in my bed to get up and go to the toilet. I groaned as I pushed away my blankets.

As I walked to the toilet, I started to get the creeps. Still, I inched forward as I really needed to go.

As I opened the door, I heard light footsteps. I froze, not daring to breathe. I wheeled around and saw two glowing eyes staring at me. I was about to scream but then I heard a squeaky ‘meow’.

“Mimi?” I whispered. The eyes moved closer. It was my little tabby kitten. “Meow?”


by Laaibah M.

One wrong move and it would be game over. Beads of sweat started to appear on my forehead. My throat was beginning to feel dry. My palms were clammy. There were only 20 seconds left on the clock. If I make a wrong move, the world would end for me. 15 seconds… what should I do? I thought to myself. 10 seconds.  I quickly made my move without even thinking. Hopefully, I made the right choice. I banged my hand on the clock, proudly. It stopped. I smiled, only to be met with disappointment. “Haha, checkmate. I win,” Josh grinned.


by Zoha Y.

There I was, in the middle of the dark library; only one light to brighten the whole room. A loud ‘bang’ made me jump. I turned around to find the librarian staring at me. She was pale and short. I knew it was an hour after closing time but I needed to find the right book. I nervously apologised to her. She stood still and whispered eerily, “You are a good person who loves reading. Take this book. You will never run out of stories.” I grabbed the book and ran home. She was wrong. I ran out of stories.

The red light

by Hiba A.

Laylan stepped out of class and grabbed her bag. She sighed, “Finally, school is over.” She walked away from the school gate and got into her mum’s car. Her mum drove past the library and the shops. Suddenly, she stopped. It was a red light. Laylan heard a loud ‘BANG!’ Her body was pushed forward, hitting the dashboard. Confused and in pain, she turned around and saw shattered glass everywhere. The seats at the back were squashed, a crumpled red car bumper staring at her. The car behind had crashed into their car. Her mum lay motionless. Laylan screamed, “Ahhhhh!!’


by Sahra Y.

I heard the news reporter talking about it. “I thought the war was over?” I asked myself. Then I heard the familiar sirens. It was starting again. I heard Shawn crying through the halls. “Everybody run!” Dad shouted. We ran outside, racing to the nearby Vault 111.

We came to a military guard. “Name?” he asked. “Wenders,” Dad replied, “Two adults. Two children.” With that, we entered. “Step onto that platform,” yelled another guard. I felt tears trickling down my cheeks. Everybody wept.

The wailing sirens paused. All was silent. The vault guard approached us. “Quick, we need to move.”

Break in

by Alyssa B.

I stood in front of the abandoned house and opened the door. It creaked loudly. Everything was broken, messy and old. There were spiderwebs everywhere. It was so scary. I turned on the light and saw stairs. I went up the stairs. A black cat saw me and ran away. Then the light flickered and turned off. It was so odd. Then the floor started to shake. Soon the whole house started shaking. It felt like the house was going to fall apart. I rushed down the stairs. I tripped but I got up and scrambled for the door.


by Noura B.

I looked around. There were rows of chairs with people sitting dead still wearing poncho-like clothes. When I attempted to move, I realized I was also in a chair with a ‘poncho’ over me. Suddenly, I heard a low whizzing sound behind me.

A woman with a black weapon of some kind held my shoulder firmly. I squirmed to get free but to no avail. The weapon had sharp edges. She placed it on my neck. It felt cold against my pale skin. I felt a lump in my throat. “Relax, boy. I’ll cut your hair really quick,” she said.

Skateboarding Rules!

by Rumaiswa A. S.

I made it. My score was 9.7. “Go Mia!” shouted Jack. He was next. “Go Jack!” I screamed. Jack smiled. Jack’s score was 9.7. Next was Josh. Josh tried to act cool. But he slipped. A tiny slip. His score was 9.6. The judges looked at each other and then nodded in agreement.

One hour later…

I broke into a cold sweat. I muttered, “Oh no!”

“The winner is…” the judges announced, “Mia Phyllis!”

I stood frozen in disbelief. I was on cloud nine. I smiled.

“WAKE UP!” shouted Melissa.

Oh! It was all a dream!

Book Week 2019


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