Our Journey into Inquiry: A story of Pedagogical Transformation.


In 2019 our school was invited to contribute to the AISWA Further Journeys of Inquiry book.

Br Ridhwan and the Early Years teachers Sr Supreeya, Sr Joanna and Sr Farida and staff wrote an article that described our school’s journey into Learning Through Investigation (LTI) and then into our adoption as a whole school of the Walker Learning Approach to teaching and learning.

Further Journeys of Inquiry was launched by AISWA earlier this year. It included our article Our Journey into Inquiry: A story of Pedagogical Transformation.

It was an honour to be invited to contribute our story, Alhamdulillah.

A copy of our article is available here:

The book “Further Journeys of Inquiry” may be purchased from AISWA here:

Edited by Rebecca Duncan, this resource serves as a companion volume to AISWA’s publication, ‘Journeys of Inquiry’ (2018), providing a new collection of over 17 case studies that showcase the varied ways in which early childhood inquiry pedagogies are reflected in Western Australian Independent Schools. The comprehensive stories in ‘Further Journeys of Inquiry’ offer inspiration, affirmation and provocation for a wide audience of educators, in early childhood and beyond, highlighting pedagogies that emphasise deep learning, intellectual engagement, rigorous thinking and agency. Written by educators and school leaders at varied stages of their own infinite journeys of inquiry, these stories offer inspiring glimpses of what is possible when we honour the capabilities of young children.


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