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About Us

The Al‐Hidayah Islamic Administration was established for the pleasure of Allah (SWT) as a non‐profit, community based institution. Its only purpose is to provide the Muslim community in Perth, Western Australia with additional Islamic oriented education alternatives to the State Government and Non‐Muslim school systems.

Located in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia, our school provides education to Primary school students from Pre‐Primary to Year 6.

Al‐Hidayah means The Guidance, that is, Guiding and leading on the right way with kindness until one reaches the goal. The name Al‐Hidayah was chosen for the School to remind all those who contribute towards the attainment of the objectives of the School, to do so after first having sought the guidance of ALLAH Subhanah wa Taala, and in the hope that His guidance will be given.

The School motto ‘Quest for Knowledge’ was chosen to remind the students that they should not take their education and the acquiring of knowledge for granted, that the seeking of beneficial knowledge is our duty as Muslims requiring effort and sacrifice, and that it does not begin and end at the School gate.

Vision Statement

While being in constant remembrance of Allah SWT and ever mindful of the Hereafter, lay the best possible foundation for our students by way of good example and relevant Islamically oriented education to the highest possible standards so that they can take their place as an integral part of multicultural Australia as confident, contributing Muslims, united in Islam as revealed in the Holy Quran AK and according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, who, by staying within the limits set by Allah SWT, will, Insha’Allah, now and in future generations automatically be good citizens, and in so doing ensuring that: The Islamic nature of the School takes precedence over all other considerations.